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Product Summary

Alarm units​

Dr. Mayday Alarm-Unit

​8 on/off-inputs and 4 outputs

Dr.Sherlock Graph 2007 Temperature-alarm

Supervision of 10 temperature sensors and outdoor temperature sensor

Dr.Lavoisier Oxygen-monitoring

Monitors the oxygen level within atmospheric air e.g. meat packing rooms with nitrogen freezers

Actuator motors​

SM 59-13 Length of travel 13cm. 12VDC/1.0A /40kg​

SM 59-20 Length of travel 20cm. 12VDC/1.2A/200kg

SM 59-60 Length of travel 60cm. 12VDC/3A/300kg

SM 58-14/30 Length of travel 14cm / 30cm. 12VDC/2.6A /300kg

SM 61-30 Length of travel 30cm. 12VDC/1.9A/400kg

Fish farming, water oxidation​

Dr.Oxygen Oxygen-controller

oxygen monitoring with built-in data logger and control of aerator and pure oxygen supply within fish farming and recirculation plants for eels etc.

Dr.Sherlock /oxygen Oxygen-monitor

10 inputs for oxygen-probes, data logging and alarm. 1 temperature input

Dr.Kelvin Temperature/ph-processor

Temperature and pH-monitoring with built-in data logger and control of heating and refrigeration and addition of acid in recirculation plants for eels etc.

PC software​

Professor Partyline

Presentation program used for displaying measured/logged data as trend curves. Service and troubleshooting of controllers, also remote using a modem. General overview on large plants with many controllers. Operation of controllers from a PC.

Ventilation controllers​

Mr.William II Ventilation controller

Control of fan speed, 0-10V output for actuator

Mr.William Slave controller

Control of fan speed using 0-10V

Temperature controllers​

Dr.Heron Temperature controller

Easy operation using only one turnable button and 4 push buttons

Climate controllers​

including all functionality, PID controlling technique, humidity-control, sprinkling timer, two heat sources and three 0-10V output for actuators, data logging and communication​

Dr.Gemini Climate controller*2

Control of 2 rooms, individually. Easy operation using turnable buttons

Dr.Celsius Climate controller

Easy operation using turnable buttons

Dr.Pascal Climate processor

Keypad operated

Other controllers​

Dr.Timer Temperature dependent timer

4 separate timer channels used for dustbinding, sprinkling, soak the room before cleaning etc.

Dr.Feeding Feeding controller

Controlling 4 feed dispensers (24 V~) with automatic increase of quantity. Logging number of fisk, biomass and feed quantity.

Dr.Cropstore Storage temperature controller

Controls storage temperature taking outdoor temperature into account

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