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Storage temperature controller

  • Controls ventilation/cooling and/or heating
  • Control based on difference between indoor and outdoor temperature
  • Anti chill protection
  • Recirculation control - mixing outdoor and indoor air
  • Easy operation
  • Sealed to IP 65
  • Alarm function
  • Built-in data logger
  • RS485-port for communicating with PC and Speech Processor that informs in clear speech: alarm cause and statement of current measured level​

Easy operation

A combination of two selector control knobs makes easy access to all functions.
The enclosed laminated A4-sheet virtually serves as a users manual.

2 temperature sensors

2 temperature sensors may be placed in different locations. The controller then use the highest value for controlling.


The second sensor may also be utilized to control a recirculation damper by means of a servo engine thus mixing cold outdoor air with warmer indoor air before parsing the air into the room.

Ventilation based on difference between indoor and outdoor temperature

Ventilation level will rise when needed, that is when the storage temperature rises above the SET temperature. This is however only true if the outdoor temperature is lower than the storage temperature. How much lower is user changeable.

Anti chill protection

A built-in anti chill protection where a limit is set e.g. 1°C, ensures the crop against frost bite.

Alarm function

A high and low alarm limit can be set for both temperature sensors. In case of an erroneous sensor control will automatically change to the other sensor. An alarm situation is shown on the panel and a beep is generated every 10 seconds. Optional a siren and/or speech computer can be connected

In case of any alarm all outputs are stopped.

Heat control

If a heat system is installed this can also be controlled. A separate heat SET temperature is specified for that purpose. When the crop temperature is below the SET temperature heat is supplied.

Data logging

The built-in data logger stores all measurements and controller parameters - stamped with date and time. These data may be shown as trend curves on a PC.


Useful possibilities through communication on a network.

  • Service can be made from a telephone.

Using a PC, directly or through a modem:

  • Transfer the logged data, convert these to graphics using Professor Partyline.
  • Great survey over a number of units, with the possibility of making all necessary operations by remote control.

An optional SPEECH-PROCESSOR Dr.Bell expands the possibilities:

  • Automatic alarm calls informs in clear speech.
  • From a telephone you can perform remote control. All operations are confirmed in clear speech​

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