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Feeding - controller

  • Automatic assignment of feed according to fish weight and water temperature.
  • Summary of feed quantity per pond.
  • Automatic calculation of fish total and average weight.
  • Built-in RS-485 interface for communicating with a PC using Professor Partyline or Dr.Bell SPEECH - PROCESSOR.​

Controlling 4 feed dispensers

Dr.Feeding independently controls 4 feed dispensers (pond accounts). The feed may be applied over 7 periods with individual quantity per period.

Furthermore, feed can be applied in small even quantities throughout a period, or the dispenser may be set to apply feed until a preset amount of feed has been feed.

Automatic feed assignment according to fish weight

Daily feed amount is calculated according to a select able percent of total fish weight.

Automatic feed assignment according to water temperature

Daily feed amount is also calculated according to water temperature.

The measured temperature is received, via communication, from Dr.Oxygen. A feed formula has been preset for the most common feed types, and may be altered by user.

Summary of feed quantity per pond

An overall summary of the total feed quantity per pond is made, based on a calibration of the feed dispenser. In that way, a manual stop, power failure, or a change of the feed pattern, will not have any effect on the accuracy.

Automatic calculation of fish total and average weight

As feed is applied, fish total weight will increase by an entered FEED-QUOTIENT.

If fish dies and thus are removed, the entered amount is adjusted, and an updated fish weight is calculated.

Communication with a PC

As many as 32 units (of 4 ponds each) may be connected through RS-485 communication to a PC. The PC can collect data, perform remote control of Dr.Feeding. The PC-software is Professor Partyline, combined with a spreadsheet, which gives a good overview of the fish farm from a central location. Remote monitoring and control may also be done, using Dr.Bell SPEECH-PROCESSOR.

Manual intervention

Dr.Feeding is a perfect tool to gain a better utilization of feed and automate the process of feeding. The user can always intervene in the automated feed process, and stop feeding or reduce the feed quantity, if needed.​

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