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Temperature - controller

  • Simple User Interface: Turn to choose and push arrows to alter
  • Controls Temperature with Great Accuracy Due to Unique Pid Controllingtechnique
  • Maximum Airflow and the Inlet/outlet Opening May Be Controlled by Outdoor Temperature
  • Useful Alarm Settings. Minor Alarm Events May Be Softened. Unwanted Alarms Caused by High Outside Temperature May Be Avoided
  • RS485-interface for communication-network
  • Easy setup for back-up during power failure. Works on 12 V DC​

Using Unique Controlling-technique

Based on considerable practically experience a unique PID controlling-technique has been evaluated. The controller is able to maintain the desired temperature with least possible fluctuation.

Analog Output

​3 x 0-10 V DC control signal is available for motors controlling dampers and valves for in- and outlet of air. Operating range - normally 1.5-10V.

Built-in Fan-Speed-Control

A built-in phasecut-device controls the speed of the fans. The fanmotor can be shut off automatic when not required.


The supply of heat can be on/off controlled (heat fan). A 0-10 V control signal is available for motorshuntvalve or other variable heat source supply.

It is possible to setup the two heat outputs so that they will work in a sequence, i.e. when the 1st heat source is inadequate the next starts to supply, both working from 0-100 % supply.

Alarm Function

The alarm-relay has potential-free switches for both on and off in case of alarm.

Alarm limits may be set for high and low temperature.

Alarm limits may be set for high and low temperature, relative to the Set Temperature

Back-up by Power Failure

The controller can be powered by 12 V DC and consequently it can continue monitoring temperature and control dampers and valves.


RS 485-interface opens up for many possibilities.​

  • Interface with PC could provide you with a nice survey of a number of units. General operation can also be carried out.
  • By means of an optional Speech Processor inquiries and operation can be done through telephone.

Heron (abt. 100 BC)

Heron was one of the great scientist during the Greek Golden Age. His numerous descriptions of hydraulic constructions, mostly bases on the siphon-principle, have survived till time. This includes the description of a system for automatic opening and closing doors controlled be temperature. This is the oldest known description of a mechanical air-conditioning system.

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