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Temperature depending timer

  • 4 timers -channels- runs a specified number of seconds every specified number of minutes
  • CYCLE may be set to 2, 5, 10, 20, 30, 60, 120, 180, 240, 300, 360 or 480 minuttes, individually for each timer.
  • Actual runtime varies depending on outdoor temperature.
  • High and low temperature is specified, where runtime should be - also specified - maximum and minimum.
  • The four timers shares the time to prevent water pressure to go too low. i.e. a maximum of 25% each. Though, if exceeded, they just run simultaneously. Default setting: At 30°C timer runs 30 seconds every 10 minutes
  • Manual ON/OFF function: push OUTPUT% and then START STOP. Then use arrow buttons to switch on and off.
  • High and low alarm for outdoor temperature and alarm for broken and shortcut cable.
  • Outdoor temperature is logged, and may be displayed later. Data can be transferred to PC using Professor Partyline, to be shown as trends.
  • Period for aktive/inactive function. Two periods can be set to specify sleepmode in the nighttime. Can be set individually for each timer.
  • Communication and remote control can be provided through Dr.Bell SPEECH PROCESSOR, enabling controlling through telephone.​

The outdoor temperature influence


Max. runtime

Min. runtime​

Automatic change day by day

Specifies number of days for automatic change of both maximum runtime and minimum runtime

Active period

An active period can be specified. Outside this period, the timer is inactive.

Hour counter

Separate for each timer

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