Actuator motor with controller unit​

  • Position controlled by 0-10V control signal or RS485
  • Easy installation of wire for pulling dampers and inlet valves
  • Emergency opening by the lack of control signal. Control signal could be missing due to faulty cables, power-failure or faulty controller unit
  • Works on 12 VDC so its able to function during power-failure
  • Sealed to IP65​

Adjustable length of travel​

7-13 cm

Control signal

Working range:1.5-9.5 V

Emergency opening: < 0.3 V

OK >0.8V


87x140x290 mm


½ min

Max. belastet

3½ min

Time consumed by working from 0-100%

No load

​¼ minute

Max. load

​1 minute

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