Dr. Lavoisier

Oxygen monitor

  • Oxygen meter, monitoring atmospheric air in rooms where an accidental leak of other gasses may reduce the oxygen level
  • Two alarm levels with separate output for red green flash and/or siren, e.g. warning by 19.0% and low alarm level at 17.0%
  • Easy operation
  • Sealed to IP 65
  • Built-in data logger
  • RS485-port for communicating with PC and Speech Processor.
  • Optional: Dr.Bell Speech Processor may provide you with the alarm cause in clear speech.
  • And complement it with instructions to leave the room. SMS-message may be send and alarm calls may be made.

Oxygen monitoring of atmospheric air

Dr.Lavoisier oxygen meter monitors the oxygen level in atmospheric air in places where gasses are stored or where gasses may reduce the oxygen level thus endangering the lives of humans or animals.

Easy operation

Each function is selected with a turning knob and settings are changed with the arrow keys. Changing set values are password protected.


A low warning level can be set at e.g. 19.0% and a low alarm level to be e.g. 17.0%. In case of alarm gas supply may be terminated. Also, a high warning level can be specified.


Calibration of the oxygen probe is done in fresh atmospheric air.

Data logging

The built-in data logger stores the oxygen level together with all parameters. Data can be transmitted to a PC through the built-in RS485 communication port.

​Speech Processor, optional

A Speech Processor introduces a new user-friendly alarm system: instead of a siren the warning is announced in the loudspeaker:

"oxygen level to low, 18,9 %".

In this way, the situation can be followed closely. If the alarm level is reached, the Speech Processor may complement the event with instructions e.g."Please leave the room".

It is also possible for the Speech Processor to perform an alarm call to 5 preset telephone numbers and SMS-messages to GSM phones. The Speech Processor may be called and you may make it return the value of the current oxygen level in clear speech.​

Antoine Lavoisier (1743-1794)

Acknowledged for the discovery of oxygen in atmospheric air. He invented a high precision scale which, by experiments, enabled to prove that mass will increase during oxidation(combustion). Father of modern chemistry where it's recognized, that a given mass cannot be created or disappear, but only change form. The law of mass preservation was already known in ancient Greece. Democritus (approx. 460-370 BC) knew about the law but was unable to demonstrate it. To thousand years later, Dr.Lavoisier demonstrated it. At his time it was believed that water was the fundamental element, and that water could be changed into soil and from there to gold. Alchemist dreams were thus crushed by Lavoisier and put a lid on dreams and wish full thinking, and the foundation of modern chemistry was made. The law of mass preservation is a fundamental law within chemistry.​

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