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Temperature alarm

  • Alarm supervision of 10 temperature sensors + one for outdoor temperature
  • Easy survey and operation. Input names can be user assigned
  • High and low alarm limits and relative limits compared to a normal temperature
  • Unwanted alarms caused by high outside temperature can be avoided safely
  • RS 485 interface
  • Data logging and graphic display of temperatures trends
  • Alarm limits can be made "soft" and only during daytime hours
  • Integrated Speech Processor and alarm dialer informs about the alarm cause in clear speech
  • Speech processor and dialup functions are shown and can be changed
  • GSM mobile net and SMS (Short Message Service) are supported​

Easy operation

  • Right turnable button provides easy access to the menus
  • Left turnable button is used to select which input changes apply to etc.
  • Alarm condition is provided in meaningful text
  • Logical structure and self explanatory interface making a manual more or less superfluous
  • Speech processor commands are shown and can be changed directly

User settings

  • Input names can be changed. Changes are automatically transferred to the speech computer
  • Each input can be set as either a temperature input or ON/OFF input

Perfect survey

  • Temperatures and status for each input are show in the display
  • Everything can be set directly from the panel - no external adjustment are needed


  • High and low absolute temperature alarm limits
  • High and low relative temperature alarm limits compared to a "normal temperature" measured between 6 and 7 in the morning
  • In addition to lightning/transient protection short (insignificant) alarms are filtered

Selective alarm handling

Alarm handling can be set for each input as needed:​

  • both siren and alarm dialup.
  • siren only
  • only during daytime hours
  • as beep only and on request only (soft alarm)

Heat wave compensation

In order to avoid unwanted alarms on a warm summer day (heat wave), it is possible to specify a parameter in °C by which the indoor temperature is allowed to rise above the outdoor temperature. This can be done separately for each input.


  • Alarm for defects - short circuits and broken cables - at all inputs.
  • Alarm at too low voltage in power supply.
  • Temperature sensors and keyboard housing are IP 65.
  • Possibility for automatic test of accumulator every day at 0800 hrs.

Graphical survey

Clear and easy graphical survey with:​

  • Temperature trends shown as curves
  • High and low values
  • Alarm condition

Speech Processor

  • A Speech Processor Dr.Bell performs alarm dialup and informs in clear speech.
  • Remote control - setting parameters using a telephone.


RS485 interface is integrated. Communication opens up possibilities which you will soon appreciate:

  • Communication with a PC and Professor Partyline for presentation of trends of the temperature. Remote control - for example setting of alarm limits and toggle active/idlemode of each input. This can also be done through telephone by means of a modem.
  • By means of a Speech Processor Dr.Bell inquiries and operation can also be done through telephone.

Expansion Possibilities

  • Can be expanded by more units connected in network.
  • Supervision of O2 and pH-value and other parameters on request.

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